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MiHaven Training offers various forms of student support, as we are dedicated to ensuring that every student can effectively complete their selected course. We acknowledge the diverse backgrounds, work histories, and life experiences of our students, and strive to provide equal opportunities for success.

Our Success Stories

Since the inception of MiHaven Training in Cairns in 2015, we’ve had the privilege of encountering remarkable individuals, learning about their experiences, and assisting them in achieving their desired qualifications. Here are a few examples…

Our Team Success Stories

Sven Blanke - winner!

MiHaven Training's Hospitality trainer, Sven Blanke, took out the 2022 Tropical North Queensland Training Award in the VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year category. With over 25 years' experience in hospitality, Sven's international experience and enthusiasm make him well-respected by his students and local industry. (Pictured with James and Sarah Mort from MiHaven)

MiHaven Training finalists!

MiHaven Training make the top 3 for Small Training Provider of the Year at the 2022 Queensland Training Awards State Final.

Eric Latham

Certificate III in Carpentry apprentice, Eric Latham, was awarded the HIA North Queensland Apprentice of the Year for 2021! Well done, Eric!

Semester Two Graduates!

MiHaven Training loves to celebrate the achievements of our students including graduates. Here's just some of our Semester Two 2023 Graduates enjoying the rewards of all their hard work.

Meet Kari Corrie

Kari Corrie’s thirst for knowledge and sheer determination has seen her career take off. But it hasn’t been without its challenges. Whilst completing her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Kari experienced a series of defining moments including a pregnancy, a marriage breakdown, and nearly losing her eldest child in a car accident, leaving him in a coma for 3 weeks and requiring Kari to leave Cairns for 8 weeks to care for him. Remarkedly, these ‘life curveballs’ didn’t stop Kari from completing her Certificate in just 12 months.

As someone who admits they “get bored easily”, Kari is now undergoing online studies of the Diploma in ECEC, while continuing her full-time job as the group leader in the 6 weeks to 2 year infants room at KindyZone Manoora – a workplace that Kari is grateful for giving her a clear career progression.

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Maya Schroeder

22 year old, Maya Schroeder decided to enrol in the Certificate III in Individual Support course so she could work casually as a disability support worker whilst supporting her ill mother. She also had a deep passion for the incapacitated, disadvantaged and often overlooked in the community. “I wanted to pursue studies in a field that I found to be inspiring. One that I felt I could make a small difference in everyday – whether that be by helping someone navigate their daily life with their disability or by providing emotional support and a non-judgemental ear to listen”, she said. Now working as an Operations Manager for Select Support Services, Maya empowers others to also complete the qualification to ensure the highest standard of person-centred holistic care is achieved.

“The course not only equips you with real world practical skills but also fosters empathy, understanding, and non-judgmental communication – essential qualities in the field of support work. It provides a pathway to making a tangible difference in people’s lives every day, which I have found incredibly fulfilling both professionally and personally. Not to mention this course is actually a lot of fun to study!”

Meet Natasha Chapman

At 12 months of age, Natasha Chapman acquired a brain injury that led to hospitalisation and multiple seizures, sometimes up to 100 a month. It was a traumatic time for the family, with her mother becoming her carer for the next 10 years. Thankfully, Natasha, now aged 27, hasn’t experienced a seizure in over 17 years and these days is following in her mother’s footsteps.

After completing her Certificate III in Individual Support with MiHaven Training, Natasha decided to take the next step, completing her Certificate IV in Disability in May, 2022.

“I decided to complete my Cert IV in Disability to learn more about complex cases, like my situation as a young child with an acquired brain injury (ABI). I want to help others, just like my mother helped me”

— Natasha Chapman

Softly-spoken, Natasha, who now works with Origin Support Services in Cairns, enjoys building the connection with her clients. As part of her daily routine, her tasks include helping her clients prepare healthy meals, transporting them to/and from appointments, assisting with their medication and most importantly, just being their friend and companion.

Zac Headshot

Zac is a BUSY School’s Year 12 student who has finished his SIT20322 Certificate II in Hospitality qualification after spending many hours watching and helping his dad work as a pastry chef. If asked to describe the course and the training provided by MiHaven Training, Zac would emphasise its focus on understanding customer service, learning about food preparation and kitchen hygiene, and developing effective communication skills to enhance service and collaboration.

Deborah Sempel

Mother of 3, Deborah Sempel of Clifton Beach really wanted a change and the chance to work with children so decided to enrol in a Certificate III in Childcare Education and Care with MiHaven Training. Whilst doing her placement hours at Johnny Crows Garden Early Learning Centre at Smithfield, her way with the kids really impressed the staff. 

“During her time completing her training hours for the Cert 3, Deb displayed enthusiasm and general care for each individual child she worked with, so we decided to offer her a traineeship through MiHaven”

— Lisa Hudgetts (Nominated Superviser) at Johnny Crows.

Deb describes watching the kids grow into “their own little person” as the favourite part of her job.

Kyle Lucas headshot

Trinity Bay High school student, Kyle Lucas, enrolled in the school holiday hospitality program delivered through Anglicare’s Get Set for Work program, which was funded by the Qld Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.  Since then, Kyle has not only gained a lot of confidence and a further desire to continue his studies, he’s also gained some casual employment.

Jake Flood

Jake Flood is a Year 10 student from Redlynch State College who has decided that a school based apprenticeship is the way to go! Jake meets up with the MiHaven Construction Project Manager, Chris, to run through all the details of the Cert III Carpentry Apprenticeship.

Paul Davison

As soon as you meet, 61-year-old Paul Davison from Manunda, you can tell he was meant to be a Carer. It’s evident from the many times in his life he’s come to someone’s aid. Like the time he became a companion for a workmate after suffering an aneurysm and just sat by his bedside for hours at a time; or how he befriended a guy called John playing the pokies at Brother’s Leagues Club and decided to take him bowling each week to his club – Cairns West Bowls Club. Or that for the last two years, Paul has volunteered at Meals on Wheels, delivering food to those in need. So, Paul decided why not make it a career and get paid for it! After visiting Max Employment, Paul decided to enrol in Individual Support (Ageing/Disability) at MiHaven Training and is currently hard at work keeping up with his studies. “I left school at the age of 15 so it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a classroom”, Paul jokes. Paul’s dream is to spend the next few years before he retires, working in Home Care. And there is no doubt, that’s exactly where he belongs.


"Miss Betty" got her qualification and is now working in childcare!

45-year-old Betty Baira from Bungalow is a single parent of five and loves nothing better than looking after her 11 grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. In fact, she’s the first to put her hand up to babysit!

So, when two of Betty’s daughters suggested they get qualified, all three commenced their Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care at MiHaven Training, with Betty the first to finish!

“Miss Betty” as the kids like to call her, is currently working as a motel housekeeper, enjoying some relief work as an educator on the side with some of the local CandK’s, hoping to gain full time employment next year.

CandK Balaclava Director and Teacher, Ishbel MacConnachie or “Ish” for short, loves what Betty has brought to the community kindergarten.

“Betty has a warm, gentle, and respectful manner with the children. Authentically appreciating the individuality of each child. The children realise this and are drawn to Betty. We love Betty, at Balaclava!” Sounds like we need more Betty’s in childcare!”

— Ishbel MacConnachie (Balaclava CandK Kindy)


Rhianna McDonald

17-year-old, Apprentice Carpenter Rhianna McDonald started a school-based carpentry apprenticeship as a Year 10 student at St Andrews Catholic College through MiHaven Training.

For someone who loves more physical and creative tasks, this was the perfect fit Rhianna.

“I was always interested in creating things with my hands, every camping trip I would always be keen to want to do some primitive building and at home, I enjoyed doing various building projects around the house with my father, ” Rhianna said.

Rhianna now works full time with MiHaven Construction and is thriving in the role.

“Rhianna brings a nice balance to the job site, which his predominately male. She’s always happy, wanting to learn, and always improving her skills.”, says her supervisor, Chris Chastre.

Susan Burton

Tully resident, Susan Burton is proud say she’s a mother of five and grandmother of three. Over the last 18 years, Susan has been heavily involved with her children’s lives, volunteering at school events, in the tuckshop, and with their various sporting groups. But now, she’s decided it’s her time!

“I’ve finally got to a point where there is an opportunity for me to do something that I like!”

So, Susan decided to enrol in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course, held weekly at the MiHaven Training campus in Palm Avenue, Parramatta Park. She’s loving her trainer, Shahe-Rose, describing her “knowledge, diverse experience and guidance of great value”, and has plans to continue studying for her Diploma and possibly even a Bachelor in Early Childhood. “Working with children is so rewarding, watching them learn and grow. To have that special relationship with the children and their families will be a privilege”, she said.

Pethrie B

Meet Pethrie Bagiri

Pethrie Bagiri is a long way from the small aboriginal community in which she grew up, located near Bamaga, called Injinoo. Even then, Pethrie had dreams of working with children, so when it was suggested by her an employment agency that she sign up for the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, she was all in!

The experience of helping to care for her five grand children and numerous nieces and nephews has certainly helped Pethrie who was in desperate need of some direction in life.

“It’s been a tough few years and I’ve had my confidence knocked around, but this course is helping me to find it again”
— Pethrie Bagiri

And she has big plans for the future, hoping to complete her Diploma and eventually run her own day care centre because she “likes the responsibility of being the boss”.

Leo and Charmaine

For ARC Disability workers, Leo and Charmaine Farinucci, completing their Certificate III in Individual Support was a no brainer, providing extra insight into understanding how to deal with and handle certain issues in the disability sector.

“The information provided in the course has made a significant impact in our work life as it has provided us with the necessary understanding/information on how to deal and cope with different work place situations/scenarios”.

Mihaven Training provides an option for those already working in the industry to study online, allowing for more flexibility around work commitments. Leo and Charmaine found this to be an ideal way to learn, with the online platform easy to use and navigate. And, as for studying together as a married couple, it added an extra bit of fun and challenge to the learning process.

“We had so much fun doing the course together. We are a very competitive couple and it was like a competition for us to see who get the furthest and who would complete the course first. We could bounce ideas off of each other and support each other when one of us would get stuck on an answer. We always joked about not copying each others work/answers. Lots of laughter and fun was had doing the course together.”
Emily Smith turns her life around with study

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is slowly turning her life around. After dropping out of school in Year 10 and then working casually in dead end jobs, Emily found herself lost with no clear career direction. During her time in Adelaide, and after the father of her two young children passed away suddenly, Emily’s life started to really unravel, and it was in that moment that she decided to pack up and move her family to Cairns for a fresh start.

And she’s never looked back!

“I’m a real people’s person and super passionate about caring for people, so when I heard about the Certificate III in Individual Support course (CHC33015) being run through the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre, I decided it was time to do something about it”.

Emily was surprised to find out that the course was completely funded by the Queensland Government through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, and that the next intake of the course was happening the very next week.

Now, well and truly into the thick of training at MiHaven Training, Emily is excited about the future.

“I never thought I could study, but since starting this course I now have ambitions to further my career prospects. I have now applied to start a Diploma of Nursing next year and my dream job is to become a midwife. This course has totally changed my life!”

Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter, a Kuku Yalanji woman from Mount Sheridan heard about MiHaven Training’s CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course and the Local Jobs Program through her employment agency, ITEC Employment in Edmonton. When she found out that the qualification would be fully funding through Back to Work’s C3G+, it made the decision to sign up even easier!

With her 3 kids all now in their 40’s with families of their own, Kim felt she had reached a stage in her life that she could put more time and energy towards education and taking on a new challenge.

“I just want to stay productive and continue to work in the community. I have so much more to give!”

With the course nearing completion, Kim has impressed her work placement provider, Juniors Daycare in Whiterock, and one day hopes to be working in before/after school and vacation care.


Sabine from Innisfail

MiHaven Training’s Individual Support trainer, Chanakan Crichton, is extremely proud of 31 year old mother of two, Sabine from Innisfail. Since 2012, Sabine has wanted to work in the aged care industry to “make an impact on someone’s life”. But, due to a few mental health issues that she said held her back and took the the better part of 10 years to understand and learn from, plus a few pregnancies along the way, her dream was put on hold until this year. Sabine has dedicated the last 4 months, turning up 2 days per week at the Disaster Management Centre in Innisfail to complete her Individual Support qualification (CHC 33015) and has even commenced working with Senior Helpers, providing in-home support for her one and only client. Congratulations Sabine!


Molly Igo

Molly Igo got her first taste of what it means to be a carer in her home town of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. With 80 first cousins, Molly was brought up by “the oldies” in her community, but also cared for a younger cousin who was disabled. After the move to Cairns 15 years ago, Molly decided to begin a career in helping others. These days she works weekends at ABC Care, has a casual admin job at the Cairns Hospital, runs her own corporate cleaning business and in June this year, decided to get her CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support qualification. “As long as I’m in the business of helping others, I’m happy”, says Molly who also plans to eventually get a Nursing degree, when she finds the time! No doubt, this hard worker will make it happen!

Abigail Garate (2)

Abigail Garate

Abigail Garate, a student from Mareeba, made the decision to embark on a school-based traineeship in CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care due to her strong passion for assisting children during their formative years of education. Abigail is diligently managing her commitments by dedicating two days each week to work at the Mareeba Kids campus, while balancing her Year 12 studies. In her pursuit of securing a trainee/apprentice position, Abigail suggests gaining industry-related work experience beforehand to assess your interest and suitability for the role. This not only allows you to evaluate your fit for the job but also provides potential employers with the opportunity to assess your skills and work ethic, potentially leading to a traineeship offer.