CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry Apprenticeship (User Choice)


Within 42 months


On the Job


*Textbook Fees Apply


Co-Contribution Fees apply.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to receive subsidised training under the User Choice program you must:

  • Be employed in an approved apprenticeship
  • Have entered a training contract for a qualification funded by the government
  • Have selected a training provider that is a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) such as MiHaven Training

MiHaven Training is pre-approved by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) to be a Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) to deliver subsidised training and assessment services under the User Choice program. The delivery of this qualification is through an Apprenticeship, which provides a pathway for new and existing workers. Eligibility criteria applies and further information can be found at https://desbt.qld.gov.au/training/training-careers/incentives/userchoice

To achieve this qualification; CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry, thirty four (34) units must be completed including twenty seven (27) core and seven (7) elective units.

Core Units

  • CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • CPCCOM1014 Conduct workplace communication
  • CPCCOM1012 Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
  • CPCCCA3025 Read and interpret plans, specifications and drawings for carpentry work
  • CPCCOM1015 Carry out measurements and calculations
  • CPCCCM2012 Work safely at heights
  • CPCCCA2002 Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • CPCCCA2011 Handle carpentry materials
  • CPCCCO2013 Carry out concreting to simple forms
  • CPCCCM2008 Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
  • CPCCCA3002 Carry out setting out
  • CPCCCA3028 Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground
  • CPCCOM3006 Carry out levelling operations
  • CPCCCA3004 Construct and erect wall frames
  • CPCCCA3005 Construct ceiling frames
  • CPCCCA3010 Install windows and doors
  • CPCCCA3001 Carry out general demolition of minor building structures
  • CPCCCA3003 Install flooring systems
  • CPCCCA3006 Erect roof trusses
  • CPCCCA3007 Construct pitched roofs
  • CPCCCA3008 Construct eaves
  • CPCCCA3017 Install exterior cladding
  • CPCCCA3016 Construct, assemble and install timber external stairs
  • CPCCCA3024 Install lining, panelling and moulding
  • CPCCCM2006 Apply basic levelling procedures
  • CPCCOM3001 Perform construction calculations to determine carpentry material requirements
  • CPCWHS3001 Identify construction work hazards and select risk control strategies

Elective Units

  • CPCCOM1013 Plan and organise work
  • CPCCSF2004 Place and fix reinforcement materials
  • CPCCCA3027 Set up, operate and maintain indirect action powder-actuated power tools
  • CPCCCM3001 Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 meters
  • CPCCCM2002 Carry out hand excavation
  • CPCCCA3014 Construct and install bulkheads
  • CPCCCA3012 Frame and fit wet area fixtures

The Student Co-Contribution Fee under the User Choice program is dependent on the elective units chosen. Fees are paid at a rate of $1.60 per nominal hour, per unit of competency. This fee may be paid on behalf of the student by their employer or a third party, which must be indicated at time of enrolment. The above is an example unit selection. Elective units can be customised to suit outcomes.

*Textbook Fees apply; however, this will be an additional Employer cost that is agreed to upfront before training commences. Students are not responsible in covering this cost. Refer to our Schedule of Fees

Full-time: The lodgement of a second training contract where one of the training contracts is full-time will be reviewed by the Department to determine if each of the parties to each training contract can meet their obligations. There must be a clear separation between the training and employment requirements for each training contract and must not be replicated through the one occupation only.

Part-time: Minimum of 15 hours per week over each 4 week period throughout duration of apprenticeship/traineeship.

School-based: 7.5 hours per week of paid employment. This may be averaged over a 3 month period. Over the period of a year, the employer must provide at a minimum the equivalent of 375 hours (50 days).

Limits have been imposed on the amount of institutional training which may be delivered to school-based apprentices, based on the nominal term of a full time training contract. The limit for this apprenticeship in a school-based mode is a maximum of 33.3% of the competencies.

  • Carpenter and Joiner
  • Carpenter – Commercial
  • Carpenter – Formwork
  • Carpenter – Residential

If you are a new enrolling student, undertaking Nationally recognised training, you will need a USI number to receive your Qualification/Statement of Attainment. If you do not have a USI you will not be able to receive a qualification. To create a USI account, go to the website: www.usi.gov.au

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